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Analytical Database

5 Years of Annual Report Data at Your Fingertips

If you are a business analyst, business consultant or working with customer or competitor data you can now get access to a goldmine of information. Image that you have all the annual report data for all Danish companies (A/S and ApS companies) available on-line and can produce all kinds of analysis with these data. This can be true by login into the new EasyX analytical database.

How and Why

For the last 5 year all Danish companies with business type A/S and ApS have been obliged to file their Annual Report in XBRL by the Danish Business Authority

EasyX has established a data base containing all the data in the Annual Report data for all companies in Denmark (with types A/S and ApS).  The data base is updated on a daily basis with the newest Annual Reports and converted from XBRL to a readable format. Then they are cleansed and cleaned for errors or incomplete information, enriched with data from other databases and made accessible in a fast and easy-to-use analytical tool.

The data can be used in a lot of different ways.

You can for example:

  • Benchmark your performance against your competitors performance
  • Benchmark your customers performance against their competitors performance
  • Analyze trends within an industry and/or a graphical region.
  • Identify top performers within your industry and why they are top performers
  • Identify interesting customer leads
  • Identify relevant customers who would be interested in your services

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