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Integrated solution

Integrated solution

Full integrated solution with Control Panel and XBRL Generator

By using The Control Panel you can control the whole process from extracting data from your source systems to the transformation to XBRL format. It will be possible to join, validate, correct and coordinate data according to the FSA reporting requirements. You can:

Extract and load data from Excel or data bases (ex. Load the General Ledger from the Finance system)

Link or map the loaded data to the Taxonomy or the Data Point model.

Define calculation and map or link the results to the Taxonomy or the Data Point Model

Make corrections

Extract the data to Excel Tables (se the extracted data in the EBA/EIOPA Tables)

And by using the control Panel, you can reduce and limit the taxonomy and the reporting tables to exactly the information relevant for your company.

Integrated solution with XBRL generator

Normally the XBRL generator will be an integrated part of the Control Panel. However it can also be supplied as a separate WEB service.

A separate WEB service might be the best solutions if your systems can provide integrated data in correct format. The WEB service will then only convert the received data to XBRL format. In connection with the conversion the data will be validated in accordance the rules defined in the Taxonomy.